Saturday, January 7, 2012

Reader comments.

I've received a few inquiries about commenting on posts at this blog. I consciously de-activated 'reader comments' when we re-launched back in October 2011. I've changed my mind. After all, one of the interesting things about a blog is interaction with readers. So, the 'reader comment' option is back on.

I look forward to hearing from you, hopeful that this will be an interesting avenue to expand on topics posted.   

Thanks for your continued interest,


  1. I read your blog almost every week and wanted to thank you for having one of the best written and most thoughtful blogs out there. The paradigm has shifted - owners of existing facilities are being forced to "remodel" to stay competitive in markets - the balanced approach: the sustainable golf developement. I would be curious to know more about your opinion on "Needs Vs. Wants"! (i.e. A need is something that a client have to have. A want is something a client would like to have)
    Alexandra Betâmio de Almeida

  2. Thanks Alexandra, very much. I really like your question on 'needs vs. wants', and will try to post an answer shortly. Thanks again,