Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Austrian pines versus Mt. Baker.

I'm back in British Columbia this week, working on holes 3-6 at Victoria Golf Club; and, there was a remarkable development yesterday, illustrated below. 

Pictured above is the green site at the 6th hole early yesterday morning. One tree, just right of the flagstick, had been felled at this point in the day. If you click on this image (to enlarge), you'll see Mount Baker's summit just above the clouds in the distance. As you can see too, until yesterday, the 6th green site at VGC had been encased by Austrian pine trees for decades. VGC's assistant golf course superintendent, Derek Sheffield, nailed it when he said: "If you bought a house on this site, would you plant a wall of pine trees to block this view?!" Behind this green are beautiful, rocky islands in the Strait of Juan de Fuca (read: the Pacific Ocean) then, beyond, the Cascade Mountains of Washington state and majestic Mount Baker; not to mention all of the wonderful sailboats that gracefully pass by each day.  

Flash to this morning... with just three trees removed behind the 6th green, there was Mount Baker - as if it knew we needed it this morning, to truly showcase a controversial recommendation that had been carried out at VGC. You can click on this image to enlarge as well, but unfortunately it doesn't do this incredible scene justice. I can't describe the breathtaking view of Mount Baker from this vantage point accurately in words, other than to say it honestly looks like one of the greatest paintings you'll see in your life, in the sky. It's an incredible sight, restoring one of the most dramatic elements at one of the most uniquely beautiful seaside golf holes in Canada.   
Another 3-4 trees, and some underbrush right of the 6th green were removed as well, creating an equally stunning view down the 7th hole (at right)  - and out to sea, where impressively massive container ships travel with regularity. This view will undoubtedly become a bit of a wonderful distraction for golfers waiting for playing partners to putt out at VGC's 6th. 

As at all golf clubs (and I mean, all), trees are a very controversial subject at VGC. My hat's off to the powers-that-be at the club for approving this recommendation, knowing that any controversy will pass with time and that club members and their guests will again enjoy this incredibly unique scene at the Victoria Golf Club.


  1. Awesome. Great work very well described.

  2. Pete M? That's your dad Jeff. Very transparent, but the dude speaks the truth. Can't wait to see the work in person.

  3. Mr Sheffield quote is THE best argument ever on a tree situation..

    Philippe Binette