Wednesday, June 13, 2012

At the Derrick Club.

Visualization of proposed improvement at (what could be)
the Derrick Club's par-5 6th hole. Click on images to enlarge.
Obviously I haven't been posting here as regularly as I would typically like lately; which is good and bad. Bad because I enjoy writing/creating these posts, and would like to keep this blog current; good because I simply haven't had much time over the past few weeks and more. Finishing up our bunker renovation project at The Oakville Golf Club; visiting with a few potential new clients; planning for future work with a number of existing clients (including York Downs and Victoria); etc. has kept me as busy as I've (probably) ever been this year, so far. I'm currently in Edmonton, where I'll spend the next few days presenting our golf course improvement plan to members of the Derrick Club, and guiding tours of the course to further explain things to those most interested golfers in more detail.

Visualization of (what could be) the par-3 8th - a brand new
hole that's part of our plans to improve the layout
and sequence of play at the Derrick Club.
Our plan for the Derrick Club is very ambitious. Unlike a few other clubs where I'm working currently, it's more than a matter of draining and remodelling bunkers at the Derrick. The course suffers from some fundamental problems that can only be sincerely remedied through reconstruction. The Derrick is one of the top private clubs in the Edmonton area, offering members excellent year-round amenities. Frankly, its golf course - originally constructed during the late 1950s - doesn't match up with the dining, racquet sport, swimming, fitness and other facilities at the club. This, for me, is a very exciting opportunity to be part of placing the 'icing on the cake' at a fine club, by providing the Derrick with a top-notch golf experience. The next few days should be fun... then, hopefully, the next few years too, as we implement this ambitious, exciting golf course improvement plan.

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