Saturday, October 8, 2011

MGCD returns to the blogosphere.

A recent scene at The Toronto Golf Club.
With a number of exciting projects on the go and in the works, it seems the time is right to (re-) enter the blogosphere. Please visit regularly as we showcase and discuss our work. We'll anecdotally explain our approach to golf course design and construction in the process, and talk about some of our influences, too.

Take The Toronto Golf Club for example. A recent visit re-confirmed its greatness. Not only TGC's revolutionary Harry Colt-designed golf course, either. The overall plan for the entire property, devised during the pre-World War I era, is brilliant. The long entrance drive winding through parts of the course presents a remarkable introduction. And the century old clubhouse is one of the most beautifully charming, and well-preserved buildings in golf.

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